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Memorial Day Sunset Taps

On Memorial Day, to honor those in our military who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, Larry Tyson from the VFW will blast his cannon over the pond to signal sunset, followed by the playing of Taps.

When: Monday, May 30 at 8:37pm
Where: Timber Creek Estates pond

Watering of the Common Areas

The pond and entry irrigation systems will be turned on generally every year between April 15th and 22nd each year with the following schedule/calculations:

Recommended Watering/Irrigation Guidelines from K-State Research and Extension – Sedgwick County

  • Considering grass type, soil type, and local climate, the following watering guidelines will be applied
    • <80° = 1”of water per week
    • 80°-90° = 1.5″ of water per week
    • >90° = 2″ of water per week
  • Spring/Fall Seasons:
    • Set to run once every other day to put down 3/4″ – 1″ per week
  • Summer Season:
    • Set to run once every day to put down 1 3/4″ per week
  • Rain sensors will temporarily shut the system down until it dries out
    • Please email the Board if you feel the rain sensors are not functioning as expected

The performance chart/specs for Rain Bird 5000 heads running 5.0 nozzles shows a precipitation rate of .48″/hr at 45PSI.

  • Calculates 35 minutes per zone to put down 1/4″ of water.
  • This has been confirmed with gauges at 20 points around the pond.

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