Compliance Concerns

We appreciate notification concerning violations that may affect the property values in our community. Please fill out this form to report a concern in your community. You can also include a picture of the violation, which is helpful in resolving the issue quickly. Your identity will not be used in this process.

TCE HOA Compliance/Violation Process Overview:

Notifying residents they are in violation of an association rule is one of the necessary evils of the Timber Creek Estates Homeowners Association (TCE HOA) management and administration. We expect different residents will respond to notifications with differing levels of intensity. Some will be eager to comply, others will delay compliance as long as possible, and other will resist indefinitely. Therefore, when potential problems arise, we will start with a simple personal contact either by a phone call or knock on the door with a friendly reminder and an appeal for compliance. Hopefully this is all that will be needed. We choose personal contact as a first step in an effort to promote a sense of community and fosters cooperation among neighbors and hope to present the HOA managers and board members as caring rather than enforcers.

However, if a neighbor does not respond in kind to the initial personal contact, the TCE HOA will send a compliance/violation letter to provide residents an opportunity to comply. The letter will be a friendly, polite letter outlining the violation, documents where the rule/covenant can be found, action needed to comply, and required compliance date.

If any neighbor feels there has been a misunderstanding throughout this process, an opportunity will be afforded to them by requesting their response in writing to the TCE HOA Board.

Please note, rule violations affect property values for the whole community and the TCE HOA Board has a responsibility to preserve those values. Our goal is simply to remind the neighbor of the rule, seek compliance and inform them will happen if they don’t comply.

If additional steps are necessary, a final notice to comply will be sent to the resident indicating the matter is being turned over to the association attorney or a collection agency.